Biophilic Interiors: Bringing in the Outside

Biophilic interiors create a harmony between modern living and the nature outside our homes. It ties the outside to the inside of our spaces. At the same time, biophilic design aims to bring in all the benefits associated with nature. Being surrounded by nature when outside is known to improve physical, as well as mental health.  Therefore, the design concept of biophilic interiors is to reconnect spaces we live and work with nature to improve our well-being. 

What is a biophilic space?

For biophilic spaces to bring nature inside they must be a sensory experience. Large windows to spread light throughout the space, with fresh air able to drift in, rustling leaves and chirping birds alongside fresh fragrances and textured finishes are great examples of this. In essence, there also must be a sense of something organic about the space, perhaps presented through soft curves or naturally shaped accents, or in the use of earthy hues and shades.

Stone bridge home designed by SW Design with greenery as part of the kitchen design.

Stonebridge HomeSW Design Group

This Stone Bridge Home’s interior, designed by Suzanne Webster, captures this sentiment through the natural tones and soft curve of the dining chairs. The use of white enhances the light space and stands in contrast to the greens and browns.


Little Greene 

What are the limits?

At the same time, biophilic spaces do not have stick solely to the earthy tones of greens and browns against the contrast of white. Rather as Joa Studholme, Farrow & Ball’s colour curator, states, 2022 will see colours that “are an eclectic mix of the pure and the humble that evokes the warmth and harmony of a more innocent age while celebrating life today”.

 Little Greene

Studholme’s prediction has proven true with biophilic spaces incorporating nature alongside colour features. These spaces still provide the harmony between the inside and outside, and the innocence that Joa Studholme suggested. 

Little Greene

What is the future of biophilic spaces?

Little Greene specialises in cataloguing paint and wallpaper and promoting eco-friendly practices through their Re:mix collection. Biophilic interiors are more than a trend, but a lifestyle growing more popular as more sustainable endeavours are pursued. This design concept provides natural and soft transitions rather than stark monochromatic definitions, making it a calming environment that perhaps will prevail into 2023. Whether it is a natural continuation of your outside space, or standing in contrast to a concrete landscape, biophilic interiors provide nature on the inside and promote wellbeing. 

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